Sunday, November 9, 2008

*HaLlOwEeN aT WoRk* :/

So this totally was NOT the first thing i had in mind for my last halloween at home but uh i was stuck working.... i took a few pictures but nobody but these 5 would let me take them haha and of course i didn't get any of me sorry... it was pretty fun tho!!

charlie cheryl and stacy

this is Charlie Cheryl and Stacy

Charlie and cheryl are some of the managers there and stacy is a server


This is Rafael he is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet!! he felt left out because he forgot to dress up so i put some make up on him... so he was a "dead server" haha it didn't really work like i planned


This is Heather she was saposed to be a ghost but everyone thought she was a bride or something idk haha she was by far the prettiest tho!!


  1. Hey I just saw that you have your own blog!! Awesome!! I love it. It is really cute. I think your hair will be cute!!